Under the book publishing division we have two distinct sides to the business. MME Publishing develops non-fiction titles that tell the untold stories of Africa and Africans. Nollybooks is our consumer imprint that specializes in content for the mass market in Africa.


Black Like You

Herman Mashaba rose from humble beginnings to become one of South Africa's wealthiest and best-known entrepreneurs. His remarkable story begins in a small village in Gauteng, where we meet the cocky youngster who refused to settle for a future that offered nothing.

Forced to drop out of university, the determined young man fought to establish the first black-owned haircare company in South Africa. Mashaba struggled every day of his life - against apartheid, with its demeaning laws, and against his competitors to grab market share for his business. In the process,Mashaba learnt lessons that few business schools teach today.

This is a story of survival, and of determination in adversity. It is also a love story between Herman and Connie, his wife of 30 years, who embarked on this journey together. Mashaba shows the importance of having a vision, daring to dream it, and then making it happen. This inspiring book will leave you with the question: “If he did it,why can't I?”

What they are saying.....

The experiences reflected in this book are real and the manner in which he rose above the hurdles he faced is a reliable framework to selfactualisation and achievement.”
Dr Thami Mazwai

After reading Black Like You...I appeal to the government to save taxpayers money and stop writing more reports and instead study Herman Mashaba's autobiography.
Moeletsi Mbeki

A better role model, truer patriot and son of the soil I can hardly imagine. At a time when somewhat limited and even rapacious young business leaders descend on the trough of public tenders, our youth would do well to read Black Like You.
Justice Dikgang Moseneke

“ He tells sometimes uncomfortable truths and shares moments of inspiration which have led to his becoming one of this country's enduring role models. If this modest little book doesn't inspire you, nothing will!”
Jenny Crwys Williams


South Africa's Greatest Entrepreneurs

Our current projects include biographies on notable Africans and a country specific series on entrepreneurs in Africa.

South Africa's Greatest Entrepreneurs comprises a series of fascinating profiles on 22 of the most successful and dynamic business visionaries who have built empires in South Africa.

Compiled by Moky Makura, author of Africa's Greatest Entrepreneurs (2008) and written by a selection of the country's leading writers, South Africa's Greatest Entrepreneurs provides an insight into the fascinating stories of the entrepreneurs who shaped South Africa.

This book is a must-have for anyone who has ever wanted to start their own business or simply wants to know how these individuals built sustainable businesses in South Africa. For the first time ever, these inspiring stories are captured in one single book.

Read more about South Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneurs here.


Africa's Greatest Entrepreneurs

Written by Moky Makura, read more about Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneurs here.

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MME Media's fiction imprint is called Nollybooks. It is focused on developing compelling and entertaining African fiction for the mass market initially for a South African audience, and then into key African markets.

Nollybooks are easy-to-read entry level novels aimed at the young adult market at very affordable prices. Our initial genres are 'chic lit' romance - the bestselling book genre in the world, and crime. We offer compelling African story lines written by Africans, to a tried and tested formula, with which our audience will easily identify. New titles will appear regularly.

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MME Media has developed a fresh new product to attract new readers to the world of books. We are pioneering a new category which straddles both the book and magazine publishing sectors to create a "Bookazine™" a book that thinks and behaves like a magazine.


Aimed at young adults, Bookazines™ offer more to readers than traditional books. In addition to a full manuscript, they also feature interactive magazine style colour pages at the back of the book which include added features like a dictionary page, word games and puzzles, and editorial content related to the book's subject.

Bookazines Games

Talking Books

All of MME Media's written content is available in audio format through various medians and distribution platforms including mobile download. 

We have pioneered a new style of audio books that we call "dramatised audio books', which makes our content far more appealing to the young adult market we target. Click here to hear a sample from one of our titles.